Eco Trek Guides

Derek Eby


Derek has traveled extensively in the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In 2015 he discovered his favorite destination, the Eastern Sierras, when he hiked the John Muir Trail. When not out camping, Derek lives in Los Angeles, where’s he’s still discovering new things to see and explore.

Kerry Wiedemann


Kerry has traveled extensively in the US, Indonesia, Mexico, and Europe, but Bali, Indonesia is her favorite destination. There, just after sunrise, the bats are replaced by swallows: the breath of their wings whispering gently as they swoop past. The cocks begin crowing long before sunrise, and the ever-murmuring waves reach the rocky shore in gently unfolding rolls. The sweet fragrance of the frangipanni wafts through the air and the sun slowly brightens the coconut palms next to the sea. Another day begins in paradise.

Volunteering on the Sian Ka’an Bio-reserve in Quintana Roo, Mexico was Kerry’s first experience with coral reef conservation work. From there she went to Bali as a volunteer, where she fell in love with the island and its people. Her work on the reef in the North Bali Sea continues.

Kerry has found that travel slows down time. She finds herself more focused, more in the moment, and more relaxed. And what better place to have time slow down than in Bali?