Socially Responsible Travel

Eco Gallivant has a vision that meaningful, socially responsible travel can and does change the world. Through Eco Gallivant’s focus on the people we visit and the economic and environmental challenges they face, we empower local communities, make a difference in human lives, and help to maintain the environmental/living systems of the planet that supports our life.


Our treks focus on building understanding across cultures. Relationship building is essential to our treks. We seek to establish people-to-people ties through introducing participants to local individuals; people most travelers would never meet on their own. We stay in locally owned lodging, employ local people as guides, and support the local host economy throughout our trip. While looking at the incredible struggles faced by the people we meet, we also help celebrate their successes.


Participants on Eco Gallivant treks will return home with an enlightened perspective, an expanded worldview, and a sense of how they can advocate and communicate with they have learned and experienced to their family, friends and community.


Join us on our trek to Bali in June of 2015. Support the local woman’s weaving cooperative, take Balinese cooking lessons from local housewives, contribute to the restoration of the coral reef, and trade language lessons with teens, fisherman and salt farmers in a small fishing community on Bali’s northern coast.


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