For green conscious travelers, Eco Gallivant offers adventures that actively care for the surrounding environments. Enjoy educational treks, bike rides and water activities, learning about local wildlife, flora and fauna. Dine on organic, healthy cuisine grown locally. Relax with luxury spa remedies created with local ingredients. You will travel abroad happy in the knowledge that our retreat activities support sustainable tourism.

What will an Eco Gallivant adventure bring you? More than you could have ever imagined! You will:

  • Learn to relax and take things as they come…. Be more flexible and enjoy “no worries.”
  • Experience a change in proportion, as in: what’s really important?
  • Grow, and become stronger; push your limits and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Learn new things every day.
  • Experience a time shift; stop watching the clock.
  • Have greater empathy.
  • Learn to trust yourself.
  • Have a life-changing, liberating, freeing experience.
  • Meet new people, some of whom will become life-long friends.
  • Become more open to differences.
  • Find that it’s the small things that matter; little things – kindnesses – will take on more value.
  • Do without the extras, and learn to appreciate what you have and what you left at home.
  • Become less fearful.
  • Learn what it is like to be on the outside; your prejudices will get a shake up.


“When you indulge in adventure travel, you carry each experience with you like a secret, something you have to write on your heart, because there is no other way to preserve it.”   Shauna Nyquist